Honest Gold EA

A strategy that deals with the volatility

Honest Gold EA

Gold is a pretty crazy market to trade, but with our Gold EA we have found a strategy that deals with the volatility, please download your free 7-day trial below.

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Gold EA
We all love gold, but if you have ever traded it, it’s a tricky market, it doesn’t follow many rules except the one that catches you out. So technically its very tricky to trade, what we have realised 90% of time it can be technically traded, it is just that once where it catches you out because of a news event. Our Gold EA has a very clever recovery strategy that can recover from big moves, the Gold EA bot also stops trading if there is a large move in the market which does happen fairly often. A combination of this strategy seems to work very well, we are so confident you will be impressed we are giving you a free trialof our Gold EA bot; our instructions and Gold bot file are below. Any question feel free to ask on our telegram group.
If you need a VPS please check out our recommended VPS and Broker page, both options are fully supported by us any issues and we will resolve it! Any questions about the Gold bot please just get in touch.
The Gold EA trial file above will expire after 7 days, once this has expired it will no longer run any trades so please do not leave open trades on the last day. You have to return to this page to purchase through PayPal with the button above. After purchasing the Gold EA you will normally within 12 hours receive an email requesting your MT4 number, feel free to mention it on the telegram group to speed the process up or keep an eye on your junk box and then the file will then be sent back to you locked to the MT4 number. Please ensure that you send the correct MT4 number when contacted.

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