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Welcome to the Honest FX School!
Honest FX was built on the foundations of 3 individual and experienced Forex traders of over 25 years including currency, stocks, and commodities. Between the 3 of us we have made a lot, lost a lot, and learnt even more using Forex to trade and we now feel now is the right time to share all our knowledge gained and pass this over to our students to be able to learn to trade independently.
We are strong believers that Forex trading is not about posting flashy images of supercars it’s about been consistently profitable on your account (no matter what size the account maybe) and joining the 5% of successful traders out there.
Here at Honest FX we have worked very hard on our Forex trading course and believe it is a one stop shop from total beginners to advanced, it’s a complete guide for you to be able to trade independently.
What does the course involve?
35 Modules
Over 75 lessons
Unlimited access
1 on 1 mentoring and direct contact
A frequently asked question is how long the Forex trading course takes to complete. On average the course takes 2 weeks, however work at your own pace, you will have unlimited access to the Forex trading course so you can do a module every hour or every week, its up to you. We refer back to the course all the time, which is a key to learning, keep referring back to the course throughout your Forex trading.

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We are always available to give help and support, so any questions fire away and we will do our best to answer.

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