Honest FX are a company who want to be different from the majority of the other forex trading and training companies within the market who have a very bad reputation for not providing a good service and keeping clients long term, we aren’t about just trying to get you signed up and then not looking after our community, with the collective experience of trading of 25 years, we’ve learnt a lot about how the markets work and how what works and doesn’t, we pass this knowledge on through our community chats, showing how to trade and why.

We can help if your starting from scratch or struggling to make a profit, the hardest thing to achieve in trading is consistency, we use proven strategies to overcome this and help you become a profitable trader, as important as a strong strategy is your mindset is also a huge factor, the market doesn’t always go in the way that you’d expect from the news and it is just dealing with that to ensure that you do not make a decision fuelled by emotion rather then following your strategy, and keeping consistent.

We are keen to grow our community of members and grow our brand to really show people what can be achieved in trading if you are willing to take guidance and be consistent.