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What is an automated trading EA?

An EA is an Expert Advisor in the world of exchange trading. Our training programmes have been specifically designed to tell you when to make the best trades possible, ensuring your investment goes to the right places. We don’t sell dreams and clichés, we offer you the right trading fundamentals, risk management and the right mindset. We show you how to be on the top of your game.

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It’s really simple. Just download the software by clicking the link below and we even give you a 14-day free demo. You can also count on us to support you with any questions you might have.

Boost your trading skills FREE TRIAL

I just want to thank you guys at Honest for everything they have done for me. As a retired guy, I’m not great with technology, etc…but you guys took me by the hand and led me through the process step by step…this has been a great additional income, no stress, no mess and no emotions making me act irrationally anymore while trading, or trying to I should say. With you guys there ain’t no bullshit…your name says it all: “HONEST”. Once again, thanks a million…I have recommended you guys to just about everyone I know. In fact, about 7 people I know have already joined…we all looking forward to the GOLD robot you guys are releasing soon….the results are absolutely amazing.”


“Like everyone in Forex I have had my fingers, hands and limbs burnt with false promises and poor ‘bots’. I came across Honest FX by chance and the free trial was something I hadn’t seen before. You don’t get anything for free nowadays. Everything was made easy to setup on MT4, good communication from the team, nicely written instructions, etc. Been using the bot for over 2 months now and I can truthfully say it’s the first time that I don’t worry about a bot as it’s been programmed so well and the instructions to run it are a perfect balance of risk/reward. The owners are genuine and always respond nicely to any questions. The results are there from the bot and in fact I make my money back from the bot and VPS within the first few days of the trading month – the rest of the month is pure profit, no drama! I can’t recommend this EA enough, it’s a generous free trial, you have nothing to lose, throw it onto a demo account during the trial and see for yourself! The indicators are pretty cool too. Please please, just manage your risk and emotions when trading!! Honest by name, Honest by Nature”

Bilial, Birmingham, UK.

“I found the bot on Instagram. After watching tons of advertisements, but your way of handling the issues and the free trial that you are offering make me believe in the app, unlike the rest of the companies or profiles on Instagram that don’t provide you with historical data or any free trial: those are the ones trying to scam you to buy a product blindly.”

Marc Jones

“I have found Honest FX by far the best company I have dealt with in the Forex world, you guys deliver exactly what you promise and always think of your customers risk first like telling us when to switch on the EA and off, etc, minimising the risk. Always message straight back as well which is always a bonus, can’t really think of anything you guys need to work on just keep going with more of the same!”



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Is it actually possible to make money from trading?

Yes, it is! But we have to understand what sets 95% of unsuccessful traders apart from the 5% that are successful – that is risk management and controlling your emotions. If you can master these 2 then you will make money. Our EA removes the need to invest emotion in trading and we are on hand to recommend the safest settings to protect your account.

Is trading forex legal?
Forex trading is completely legal but some countries have imposed stricter guidelines for their citizens. We are based in the UK and we have no restrictions here. There is nothing illegal about forex, but you should check online to make sure you know the rules of where you live.
How can I be sure the EA will work?

The currency EA works using inbuilt indicators and strategies which have been tested fully since launch and proved to be successful. We are always looking for ways of improving the EA to maximise profit and minimise drawdown. The EA is very reliable and accurate, however when the market behaves strangely then we have a stop loss set to protect your account from those rare big moves – that’s why if we take care of the risk management, the EA will take care of the profits.

This is new to me – how does it all work?

It’s really straightforward, we have a great broker that we can introduce you too, they give a 50% bonus on your first deposit! We provide a reliable VPS service if you want to run the EA 24/5 and we can even help you get all setup if you are not sure. Contact us right now with your particular needs and we will aim to help you out as much as we can!

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